Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro SG - White/Luminous


Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro SG - White/Luminous

Effortlessly navigate the opposition defense with the Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro, an ultra-light boot designed to elevate your speed to new heights. Tailored for lightning-quick backs, particularly wingers, this boot optimizes performance with its lightweight construction. The robust TPU mesh upper ensures supreme comfort throughout the game, while a snug fit creates a tight, lock-in feel, enhancing acceleration. Targeted zonal padding reduces the risk of foot injury and discomfort. Additionally, the upper grip texture bites into the ball, improving kicking accuracy. The Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro is the perfect choice for players seeking speed, comfort, and precision on the field.   


  • Material: Upper: 100% PU synthetic, Insock: 100% EVA, Lasting Board: 100% Polyester, Outsole: 100% TPU
  • Lightweight design with knit collar and TPU reinforced mesh upper
  • Tighter fit for minimum energy loss and faster acceleration
  • Strong and lightweight soft-ground sole with 6 conical metal and 3 rhombus TPU studs
  • Upper grip texture for greater precision when kicking
  • Breathable comfort from knitted collar and targeted zonal padding.


  • Put your boots in an environment where they can dry out after each use
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*All sizes are US Men's

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