Canterbury Catalast XV Match Rugby Ball


Canterbury Catalast XV Match Rugby Ball

Get your team ready for club or school match action with Canterbury's Catalyst XV Match Ball. The medium density compound rubber surface ensures better ball performance for longer, while an internal latex bladder construction and hand stitching provide superior flight through the air. Suitable for all weather conditions, the haptic grip technology improves ball handling, while the mid-seam air-retentive valve gives extra support during matches. The iconic CCC logo and blue graphic design make this ball easy to spot during play and provide a striking zone for kicking with accuracy.


  • 3-ply cotton-poly-cotton laminate construction
  • Standard rugby grip
  • Superior rubber compound surface
  • Super latex bladder
  • Air-retention in-seam valve
  • Color: White and blue
  • CCC logo

Ball Care:

  • Inflate to 9.5 psi using a hand pump
  • Prior to training or match, use a soft cloth, light detergent and warm water to remove dirt and residue from your rugby ball. This ensures that the grip remains in prime condition for maximum length of time. 
  • Store in a dry environment  

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